Friday, February 1, 2008


As some readers have already written in, questioning the blog "sign in" protocol, here's a gentle aid to "new" bloggers. This blog has been designed to be "Open Access", so there is no need to "join", unless of course you want to! If you have a Blogger/Google, AOL/Aim, TypeKey, or WordPad i.d., then you've done this before, just log in!

If you'd like to sign up for a Blogger/Google account, it's free, easy, and anonymous.All you have to do is sign up for a free 'Gmail' account right here. Then you'd 'log in' through any Google page, whenever you're online, and then post comments, or even start your own blog.

If you don't want a free account- then "Open Access" means that ANYONE can blog. Following is a step by step outline to help you get going:

1. Look for the small text which says "comments" (sometimes preceded by a number) at the foot of the post you'd like to get in on.

2. First type your comments in the provided space, and when you're done, go to "Sign In" below the comments box, and find "Choose an Identity".

3. Choose "Open i.d." from the pull down menu.

4. Next, type your name (if you're proud of it), or your desired screen-name, or even choose "anonymous". If you do post anonymously, we encourage you to sign with a consistent nickname, inside of the body of your comment, so that other readers can follow who says what.

5. Under "Nickname", a box will appear labeled "url:", here, you can add the web address of your homepage, if you have a web-site, or even the address of an affiliation, if not, leave it blank.

6. After that, you can just hit "publish your comment", and you're "in"!

It might take a little time for your comments to hit the page, but when they do they'll appear in the footing under each published post- as "O COMMENTS" (like right now), or "57 COMMENTS". So when you see that smaller text, giving the number of comments for each separate post, click on that and a new window with the comments in order received will appear for you to read or to post your own.

If you have any problems, please remember that it is important to follow the instructions above in the order given. Clicking to sign a comment before you have completed writing it
invalidates the form.

Readers can use 'COMMENTS' at the end of each post to write back and forth among each other too. "Subscribing" to a blog, so that you receive email notification of new posts or comments is as easy as following the directions found here:

This does call for a Google/Blogger acct, which is as free and anonymous as a gmail account is! You will never be asked for your name or home address, and the email address you give as backup will not be made public.

And, of course, if you have any problems or questions, send an email to the address listed in 'host profile' at top left of page.

If you want to email us anything concerning Varina: culture, history, community events you'd like posted, photographs... a link to an article you read and would like brought up for discussion, we welcome it all! This is also an open call to nominate any Varina residents or groups who have been witnessed in the action of 'Preserving Varina'.

Encouraging community participation is the whole idea

Happy Blogging, and thanks again for joining in!