Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Varina District "Unofficial" 2008 Election Results by Precinct (..Henrico too)

As a 'Special Feature' we're providing some links and images that will allow readers to check out the "unofficial" Henrico results of the 2008 Presidential Election.

Each Varina District Precinct's "unofficial results" are shown below. Just scroll down and click your precinct's image for a closer view.

Our focus is on the Varina District, so if you live in Brookland, Fairfield, Three-Chopt or Tuckahoe, click the main link to results to see your district's precinct results.

Henrico's Precincts:
A helpfully interactive verison of the map above is available via the Henrico Registrar's Office, if you want to check out your own precinct all close-up and personal, and learn your own boundaries.

The Registrar's version allows users to mouse-over each precinct to see its name, and each one can be clicked to bring up an expanded close-up in a separate window. This is of use to residents from all 5 Henrico Districts who want to see themselves on the county map, and understand their surroundings.

As of November 5th, 2008 the following "unofficial results" were given for each of the Varina District, Henrico County,Virginia Precincts:

501 Antioch (click to view larger)

502 Cedar Fork (click to view larger)

503 Chickahominy (click to view larger)

504 Donahue (click to view larger)

505 Dorey Park (click to view larger)

506 Eanes (click to view larger)

507 Elko (click to view larger)

508 Highland Springs (click to view larger)

509 Laburnum (click to view larger)

510 Masonic (click to view larger)

511 Mehfoud (click to view larger)

512 Montrose (click to view larger)

513 Nine Mile (click to view larger)

514 Pleasants (click to view larger)

515 Sandston (click to view larger)

516 Sullivans (click to view larger)

517 Town Hall (click to view larger)

518 Whitlocks (click to view larger)

519 Rolfe (click to view larger)

District 3 Absentee (click to view larger)

This map borrowed from We promise to return it some day.

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