Thursday, December 11, 2008

Powhatan County's identity has a foot in the past

History brings big bucks in Va., but so does working as a consultant for billion-dollar-budget counties like Henrico. Tough to track scent in the cold- but the whiff of cash is aloft as some local leaders stand up to plan for the future of their past. Don't let it all blow away.

Even with the economy south and in the wake of local press lay-offs, the Richmond Times-Dispatch has again revamped their online presence. "The paper" still manages to cover some uber-local news through associated spin-off subpages- like Powhatan Today. PT hit the target in Henrico yesterday by linking Powhatan's consultants to our county's current comprehensive plan.

ch- ching ! ch- ching !

M D-C follows the money to Powhatan County
psst! history pays, Mr. Dale

McBride Dale-Clarion, yep- the same Ohio consulting firm working on Henrico's current Comprehensive Plan has tripped a little west to Powhatan, to ask big questions, like

How important a consideration is “the effort to maintain and restore historic sites?” Related Powhatan Today coverage hit the T-D's front page with this headlining statement:

"County leaders: historic preservation must be part of new comprehensive plan"

By Michael Copley

(Powhatan Today) Staff writer
Dec 10, 2008

"Consultants Greg Dale and Roger Walden of McBride Dale Clarion, met with the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission last Thursday to discuss the visions, goals, and objectives of the new comprehensive plan for the county.

The county has hired McBride Dale Clarion to help in drafting the new document.

As stated in the report given to county representatives, the goal of the new comprehensive plan is to ensure Powhatan is a place where “You can see the stars at night, be in touch with the land, and yet be able to work, live, play, shop, and learn without having to leave the county.”

Specific ways of developing, with a mind for keeping Powhatan rural yet prosperous, were debated Thursday evening. At least one aspect of the new plan drew a strong reaction from the Board and Planning Commission members.

Dale asked the group how important a consideration was “the effort to maintain and restore historic sites.”

There was what appeared to be stunned silence in the library conference room.

“[The history] is part of what makes us what we are,” Carson Tucker said plainly.

It was clear at that moment, that for all the debatable issues and opinions, the people elected to serve Powhatan County are passionate and clear on the issues that matter most to them."

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So was Dale asking a trick question? Only time will tell in Powhatan. One thing's for certain, he sure has changed his tune since he countered Varina resident's overwhelming call for developmental rights programs (TDR and PDR to preserve farmland) in September by hissing: "Do you really want to raise taxes?" or perhaps Copley's only hit the tip of the ice-berg.

Wonder how MD-C scored the Powhatan gig? Maybe their wives came down to visit from Cincinnati.. maybe they all went out looking for "the country" on a Sunday drive and couldn't find any out near Glen Allen. Or perhaps they want their business to sprawl all over Central Virginia?

Let's see now... looking around- Chesterfield County preservation planning has won awards. That county was tapped by none other than 1st Lady Laura Bush for inclusion in the Preserve America program, making Chesterfield eligible for million$ in grant$ and other preservation funding. Yes- million$.

So where do we stand around here?

Listening to the clock tick...

pulling down the zipper on powhatan planning

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