Saturday, March 1, 2008

1920's White Clapboard Varina Farmhouse

Because 'Historic Varina' has from the start, been designed to include reader input, here is the text from a current realty ad that a reader sent in to us, knowing how we all value history. To the best of our knowledge, this property does not belong to the reader who sent the ad in, and it does not belong to anyone involved with 'Historic Varina'.

Twenty Eight Acre 'Horse Farm' with 1920 Clapboard Farmhouse FOR SALE in Varina

(This farm appears to be on the corner of Charles City Road and Beulah Road, but the plat has the side street as 'Bealuleh' Road)

4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2800 square feet, on 28.00 acres

The ad says there is a lot of road frontage

Barns, Shops & 'Lovely Setting'

Visit this site to see a plat and some more pictures. Lot Features: Fence (Horses) Frontage: (Fronts on two roads), Horse Facilities:(4 Stall Barn and Fenced), Zoning (AGRI). "View", School Information: Elementary School: Seven Pines, Middle School: Rolfe, High School: Varina

DISCLAIMER: ...Hey, we aren't realtors, this is someone else's ad. We'd just love to see anyone buy a farm in Varina. Might make for a nice Sunday drive. Enjoy!

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