Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Media coverage of Henrico Supervisory meetings a COUP for "Open Government"

WoW! It's been a long time coming, but thanks to the continued hard work of our own Varina residents, locals from other districts and the Honorable Mrs. Patricia O'Bannon, (Supervisor of the Tuckahoe district) Coverage of Supervisor's meetings via H.C. Channel 17- as well as internet-streaming might be "beginning perhaps in October"

Thanks to the continuing coverage of Henrico County news from Will Jones, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer who reported yesterday:"Henrico plans for meetings video: The supervisors' sessions will be put on cable TV, the Internet -- or both" "Last July, the Henrico supervisors agreed to record audio of their meetings on a three-month trial basis, reversing a policy to prepare only written summaries of the proceedings."

"At the time, Henrico was one of three localities in central Virginia that did not record audio of its board of supervisors, town council or city council meetings." The RT-D also allowed Will Jones coverage of this issue in last Friday's paper, where his work was entitled: "Next for Henrico Board of Supervisors: video" (links to both of his works at post's end).

Well, arriving at this media high-point is the culmination of several years of hard work on the part of- among others, a very special lady from Sandston... anyone know who we mean? More than a handful of HV readers have touted her efforts in this arena. We sense an award coming her way...

Because we keep hearing about the 1 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET, and as an example of where our tax dollars go, we include a link to the summarized minutes of the 2007 July Meeting which was called so that Supervisors could discuss this subject. County Supervisors Special Meeting (minutes in .pdf here)

We were pleased to find out that some form of written minutes will still be required by Va. State law.The H.C. meeting summaries are sometimes full of typos (we feel bad for the typists, really that can't be much fun. we mean that). Minutes can also be noted for patterns. What is said, what isn't said, what is said repeatedly, and who talks or does not talk.

The phones have been ringing in our small group, we're all wondering.. Live or lag? hmmm, will they EDIT the meetings, or give us full coverage? Will there be 'bloopers"? So many questions.

So, if the basic equipment is already there, why not air coverage during the 2026 Comprehensive Planning period, which is much more important in the long run. So we request just that: We want TV coverage during ALL the rest of the Comp-Planning related Meetings, please! What do you think? Vote on it in our new POLL, page right.

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Read more about 'Video/Internet coverage' in The Richmond Times-Dispatch, from 2-29-08, or 3-04-08.

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