Monday, May 19, 2008

WHERE IS the PRESS COVERAGE of current Henrico 2026 Comprehensive Plan Meetings? ...and trackback to: 'Conspicuous Construction in Richmond'

Paging Mr. Jones, Mr. Krishnamurthy, Ms. Martin, Mr. Springston, Mr. Williams! There's a call holding for you on the 2026 line.... Hello? Paging any hungry cub!

Here's a link to an interesting UrbanStudies blog in town, featuring a fine post entitled "Conspicuous Construction in Richmond". (Major hat tip to 'tarabara'.)

"With the many new developments such as Rockett’s Landing and Tree Hill Farm on the way, it is necessary to question the appropriate proportion of commercial and retail space needed to accommodate these new residences, and if this even plays a role. Either way, it is up to the citizens of the Richmond region to voice their opinions on what is happening to the open space in their region and question the effect of this development."

This all makes us wonder just how we "got where we are"... with prices for oil and staple food items skyrocketing, why does Henrico continue to foster rampant residential and retail construction? It seems they alone have decided that economic growth is the backbone of future growth in the county, to the dearth of any support of our local agricultural needs and environmental concerns.

Instead of just asking developers or retailers what they want, has anyone considered the desires of current residents of this county?

Ever considered asking parents what the neighborhoods their children grow in should contain- or asking seniors how they feel about crime? ..Commuters about transportation and traffic issues?

Where will the financing for the infrastructure made necessary by this planned building onslaught come from? Out of fees and taxes that we as residents will be asked to pay?

What about the funding for new roads, schools, and staffing needed in these 'growth areas'?

Where are any of these issues addressed in the Comp-Plan 'draft'?

Are Henrico residents are either disregarding the Comprehensive Plan meetings currently being held, or are they completely unaware of them- due to lack of promotion from the county itself,
coupled with non-existent "2026 Plan" coverage from the Richmond Times-Dispatch?

When covering Richmond's Master Downtown Plan, the RT-D couldn't be stopped. Feature stories and coverage of meetings kept Richmond's residents aware of the entire process. Maybe all of that running around in Richmond wore our friends at the paper out, or perhaps there is some other reason they have chosen not to tackle the sticky issues at hand in Henrico.

Not to mention Channels 12, 8, and 6- what about Fox 35? Or Henrico's own cable channel..17, funded by.. you and me.

Without coverage of how residents can get involved, the future looks like a muddy downhill slide imbedded with 'stories that sell', like rampaging pit-bulls, house-fires, and murders. What about shedding some light on local government goings on, hmm?

Fine RT-D staff-writers once covered the issues that come along with sprawl... such as the environment....One thing is certain, we need them now!

So dash to the nearest phone booth, Mr. Jones, Mr. Krishnamurthy, Ms. Martin, Mr. Springston, Mr. Williams, et al...... and don your super staff-writer suits- PLEASE!
Lest Henrico residents languish without the aid of your insights.

Meetings on the boards for this week include:

TONIGHT- Monday, May 19th
Fairfield District Open-House
concerning the 2026 Comprehensive Plan 'draft'
4:30 - 7:30pm
Wilder Middle School
6900 Wilkinson Road. 23227

TONIGHT- Monday, May 19th
Varina District Town Meeting,
tonight's topic:
"Meet Your Senator and General Assembly Representatives"
Senator Donald McEachin
Delegate Riley Ingram
Delegate Dwight Jones
Delegate Joe Morrissey
Delegate Chris Peace
Henrico Theatre
305 E. Nine Mile Road, 23075

THURSDAY, May 22nd

Varina District Open-House
concerning the 2026 Comprehensive Plan 'draft'

4:30 - 7:30pm

Ward Elementary School

3400 Darbytown Road

Let's get involved people, cable can't be that interesting... when the future of our county is at stake.

That's what Tivo and VCRs are for.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful coverage of this event! Thank you H. Cornhill! Let's see what comes next. I was there at the meeting and boy was that public process.