Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Will 'Henrico address change' spell R.I.P. for Highland Springs?

In a letter to the Editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch today, Charles Hague, wrote in to report what the paper has entitled:
"Little-Known Facts About Address Change"

"Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Henrico residents in 11 ZIP Codes are receiving a survey from the postal service asking about a proposed change to their mailing address from "Richmond, VA" to "Henrico, VA." Surveys must be returned by May 10. Residents should be aware of some less publicized facts regarding the proposed change:

Responding "yes" includes changing "Highland Springs, VA" to "Henrico, VA." Highland Springs will be relegated to a "secondary" address. Highland Springs has been a "primary" address since its founding in 1890 and has maintained its own ZIP code, 23075, since ZIP codes were established in 1963.

The many flyers, brochures, and other advertisements distributed by the county show a list of seven items under the heading "Just what could $5 million do?" Note that $5 million will do only one of the items listed. Some citizens have incorrectly interpreted the materials to mean that all seven items could be done.

The problem of incorrect reporting of tax revenue is a statewide problem that could be resolved for all localities by the Department of Taxation and/or the General Assembly.

Some citizens believe that making the change may reduce their home and/or automobile insurance premiums. It most likely will not. Insurance companies base their premiums on the location of their policy-holders, not their mailing address.

Please consider all of the facts and respond to the survey as best benefits not only Henrico, but also the City of Richmond and our entire state.

Charles Hague. Richmond"

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